Night Photos

In addition to Steel Wheels Photography's aerial photography expertise, SWP also has mastered night photography of both static and moving objects. If you are looking for a unique corporate photo and want it to stand out, hire SWP to take on the task of producing a quality night photo!

Aerial Photography

Steel Wheels Photography has significant experience in aerial photography work and has performed such work from helicopters, airplanes and now uses drones to provide close-in access and a unique view not possible from traditional aircraft.

Winter and Snow Plows

Steel Wheels Photography takes great pride in braving all elements to produce extraordinary and unique photos, including taking on Mother Nature's winter fury to capture the power of train vs. snow in whatever capacity it presents itself. This sometimes is highlighted by the presence of the rare locomotive-pushed plow that is capable of clearing mainline tracks at speeds of up to 40 miles-per-hour!